Covering Style: Unveiling the Latest Modest Fashion Trends for European Muslims

Introduction to Modest Fashion Trends for European Muslims

Modest fashion trends

In this section, we will define modest fashion trends and explain its significance in the context of European Muslims. Modest fashion refers to clothing styles that prioritize covering the body modestly while incorporating style and fashion elements. It is an essential cultural and religious expression aspect for many European Muslims.

We will explore the growing popularity of modest fashion trends among European Muslims. Over the years, the adoption of modest fashion as a form of self-expression and identity has seen a noticeable increase. This trend has several causes, including the desire to align with religious values. The cultural pride and the availability of stylish and trendy modest fashion options in the market.

What Quran says about Modest Fashion for Muslims:

The Quran emphasizes modesty in dress for Muslims. Surah An-Nur (24:31) instructs both men and women to lower their gaze, guard their chastity, and cover their adornments, except what is apparent. While the specific interpretation of modest fashion may vary among individuals and cultures, the core principle is to dress modestly and maintain humility in attire to preserve one’s dignity and promote a pious way of life. Many Muslims follow these teachings by wearing clothing that covers the body, including the hair for women, while avoiding extravagance and immodesty in their dress.

Current Modest Fashion Trends in Europe

Modest Clothing Styles

  1. Abaya Revival: The abaya, a loose-fitting outer garment worn by many Muslim women, is experiencing a revival in Europe. Fashion-forward designers and brands have embraced the abaya trend, infusing it with modern styles, colors, and patterns. This has resulted in many fashionable abaya options catering to European Muslims.
  2. Modest Dresses and Skirts: Modest dresses and skirts have become increasingly popular among European Muslim women. These styles prioritize knee-length or longer hemlines, long sleeves, and higher necklines. At the same time, it incorporates design elements such as pleats, ruffles, and unique prints. Integrating vibrant colors and textures adds a contemporary touch to these modest garments.
  3. Modest Swimwear: Modest swimwear options have emerged to cater to the needs of European Muslim women who desire stylish yet covered options for the beach or pool. These innovative designs include full-body swimsuits, swim leggings, and swim dresses that provide coverage while allowing freedom of movement.

Modest Fashion Accessories

  1. Hijabs and Headscarves: Hijabs and headscarves are essential accessories for modest fashion. European Muslim women are embracing trendy hijab styles and experimenting with different ways to accessorize their headscarves. Creative draping techniques and emerging hijab trends offer versatility and individuality in modest fashion expression.
  2. Modest Footwear: Modest footwear options are gaining popularity among European Muslim women. These shoes prioritize comfort while maintaining style. European shoe brands cater to modest fashion enthusiasts’ needs with a wide range of footwear, including sneakers, flats, and sandals, that align with modest requirements.

Modest Dresses and Skirts

Overview of fashionable dress and skirt styles with modest features: Modest dresses and skirts are gaining popularity among European Muslim women who seek stylish yet subtle clothing options. These garments typically feature longer hemlines below the knee, sleeves covering the arms, and higher necklines. They provide many different styles, such as maxi dresses., A-line skirts and wrap dresses provide comfort and versatility while adhering to modesty requirements.

Integration of colors, patterns, and textures in modest dresses and skirts:

Modest fashion designers incorporate various colors, patterns, and textures into their dress and skirt designs. Vibrant hues, floral prints, and geometric patterns create visually appealing and fashionable garments. Textured fabrics like lace, pleats, and embroidery add depth and interest to modest dresses and skirts, making them stand out in the fashion landscape.

Modest Swimwear

Introduction to innovative and stylish modest swimwear options:

Modest swimwear has seen significant innovation in recent years, providing European Muslim women with modern and functional choices. These swimwear designs prioritize full coverage of the body while allowing for ease of movement in the water. They often include long sleeves, knee-length or full-length bottoms, and high necklines. Innovative materials and technologies ensure quick drying and UV protection properties.

Features and patterns that meet the requirements of European Muslim women include:

Modest swimwear brands understand the specific needs of European Muslim women and aim to cater to them. They offer a range of designs that combine fashion and functionality, including swim dresses, burkini sets, and swim leggings. These designs provide coverage and offer comfort, flexibility, and modesty, allowing Muslim women to enjoy water activities with confidence and style.

Modest Fashion Accessories

Hijabs and Headscarves

  • Trendy hijab styles and ways to accessorize headscarves: Hijabs and headscarves are essential accessories modestly. European Muslim women are embracing modern hijab styles that go beyond traditional draping techniques. They explore creative ways to accessorize their headscarves, incorporating elements like decorative pins, brooches, and headbands. This allows them to add personal flair and express their individuality while maintaining modesty.
  • Creative draping techniques and emerging hijab trends: Fashion-forward European Muslim women are experimenting with various methods to achieve unique hijab styles. Some popular trends include the turban style, where the fabric is wrapped around the head like a turban, and the layered style, which involves layering multiple scarves to create dimension and volume. These emerging trends showcase the versatility and adaptability of hijabs in fashion.

Modest Footwear

Stylish and comfortable footwear options for modest fashion enthusiasts:

Subtle footwear options have gained traction among European Muslim women. European shoe brands are recognizing the needs of humble fashion enthusiasts and offering a wide range of stylish and comfortable footwear. These options include sneakers, flats, sandals, and boots that align with modest requirements while keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Focus on European shoe brands accommodating modest fashion needs:

European shoe brands play a significant role in catering to the footwear needs of humble fashion enthusiasts. They incorporate features like closed-toe designs, lower heels, and comfortable materials without compromising style. These brands understand the importance of offering fashionable footwear options that respect the modesty preferences of European Muslim women.

By paying attention to hijabs, headscarves, and modest footwear, European Muslim women can complete their subtle fashion looks with style and confidence. These accessories provide opportunities for self-expression and enable individuals to showcase their cultural and religious identities while staying fashionable.

Influential Designers and Brands in Modest Fashion

European Modest Fashion Designers


Designer Hafizah Ghazali

  • Background and signature style of a prominent European modest fashion designer:

Designer Hafizah Ghazali is a highly regarded figure in the European modest fashion scene. With a background in fashion design and a deep understanding of modesty, this designer creates garments that effortlessly blend style and modesty. Their signature style often incorporates flowing silhouettes, rich fabrics, and intricate details, reflecting a fusion of cultural influences.

  • Notable collections and contributions to the industry: Hafizah Ghazali has made significant contributions to the modest fashion industry through their groups. These collections showcase a range of modest garments, including abayas, dresses, and hijabs, that captivate with their elegance and attention to detail. Their designs have been featured in prestigious fashion events and recognized for their innovation and craftsmanship.

Designer Lulu Alhadad

  • Introduction to another influential European modest fashion designer: Designer Lulu Alhadad is a prominent name in the European subtle fashion landscape. With a unique design perspective, this designer has significantly impacted the fashion world. Their approach to modest fashion combines modern aesthetics with traditional elements, resulting in captivating and fashion-forward designs.
  • Unique design philosophy and impact on the fashion world: Designer Lulu Alhadadad’s design philosophy revolves around celebrating diversity and empowering individuals through modest fashion. Their creations challenge stereotypes and redefine modesty in a contemporary context. By incorporating innovative cuts, bold patterns, and unexpected details, they have successfully pushed the boundaries of modest fashion, inspiring others in the industry.

These influential European modest fashion designers, including Designer Hafizah Ghazali and Designer Lulu Alhadad, have substantially contributed to the industry by creating stylish and innovative designs that resonate with European Muslim women. Their unique approaches to modest fashion have significantly shaped current trends and inspired others within the fashion world.

European Modest Fashion Influencers

Fatma Hudsam


Hodan Yousuf

Maria Alia Al-Sadek

Sarah Atiq

Aqeelah Harron Ally

Profile of a prominent European Muslim influencer in the modest fashion realm: These well-known European influencers have significantly impacted the fair fashion industry. She is recognized for her impeccable style and ability to combine modesty with modern trends.

  • Social media presence and advocacy for modest fashion: With a solid social media presence, They reach a broad audience and inspire them with their fashion choices. She actively promotes fair fashion trends, sharing outfit ideas and styling tips and highlighting the beauty of hijabs, abayas, and other modest fashion.

Apart from Fatma Hudsam, Dina Torkia, Mariah Idrissi, and Nabiilabee may be included. These influencers have made significant contributions to the modest fashion industry and have a strong presence on social media platforms, inspiring their followers with their fashion choices and promoting fair fashion trends.

What does Islamic modest dress entail?

The Islamic principle that one should dress modestly to respect oneself and others is the foundation of the Halal modest fashion movement. Clothing must fit wholly and loosely to Include the arms, legs, and hair in the coverage of the body. 

How should Muslims dress modestly and stylishly?

The clothing should be a manageable length, tight, and revealing. Additionally, the chest and back regions need to be adequately covered. Muslim women typically favor loose-fitting attire that conceals the majority of their bodies. The availability of modest apparel is widespread.

What are some Islamic examples of modesty?

For instance, although not to the same extent as women, men are also expected to cover some areas of their bodies out of modesty. Similarly, men are prohibited from wearing gold jewelry or silk attire, whereas women are not subject to such limitations.

What should a Muslim wear in today’s society?

Muslim men’s traditional attire traditionally covers at least the head and the region between the waist and the knees. In contrast, Islamic clothing for women covers the body from the ankles to the neck and the hair. The faces of some Muslim women are likewise covered.


In conclusion, “Covering Style: Unveiling the Latest Modest Fashion Trends for European Muslims” highlights the evolving fashion trends catering to European Muslims’ needs seeking modest clothing options. The publication showcases the fusion of cultural influences and modern aesthetics, empowering individuals to embrace modesty while staying fashionable. It is a valuable resource for individuals who want to keep up with the most recent developments in the modest fashion scene in Europe.

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